We provide a wide range of LED lighting products for residential and commercial properties including LED downlights; LED tubes to replace traditional fluorescent tubes; LED panels; LED globes to replace traditional 60W incandescent bulbs; and floodlights for cost effective external landscape and security lighting. For more information you can visit our commercial or residential pages


We offer a range of LED bulb, globe and tube products.

led downlights replace halogen lights fluorescent lights are replaced by led tube lights 40 watt and 60 watt globes are replaced by led bulbs led floodlights are excellent replacements for traditional energy intensive floodlights LED high bay lights are cost effective in replacing factory and warehousing lighting


LED downlights are widely used in homes and offices. We offer both 12v with MR16 base and 240v with GU10 base options.

MR16 base 12v halogen light replacement lighting12v MR16 replacement LED lights

Our 12v LED bulbs offer superiror lumen output and can replace current 12v 50W halogen bulbs . We offer suitable transformer replacements and lights can be dimmed (please ask specifically should you require this option). Fact Sheet

240v GU10 base led lights are direct replacements for traditional halogen down lights240v GU10 replacement LED light

We supply a 220/240v downlights with a GU10 base. These can be fitted into existing sockets without any modification required. We stock the latest 5W (300 lumen warm white and cool white) replacement light for a 50W halogen light. Dimmable options are available. Fact Sheet


LED tube lights replace the current fluorescent tubes.

We supply 1200mm and 1500mm tubes.

1.2m led tube lights are replacements for traditional fluorescent lights1200mm fluorescent tube replacements

Total power consumption of 18W in warm white/natural white/pure white. Produces around 1700 lumen. Can be supplied with clear/frosted PC cover with aluminum base. Fact Sheet


We stock 1.5m led replacement tubes for fluorescent tubes1500mm fluorescent tube replacements

Total power consumption 23W in warm white/natural white/pure white. Produces around 2200 lumen. Can be supplied in clear/frosted cover with aluminum base.
Fact Sheet


Direct replacement for the 40W incandescent globe using this 7W LED bulb7 Watt LED Globe - 500 lumen output

To replace a 40W bulb you need over 500 lumens of light output. This bulb exceeds that requirement, and yet runs cool. Available in B22 and E27 fittings. Fact Sheet


LED replacement lighting for 40W to 60W incandescent bukbs and globes10 Watt LED Globe - 800 lumen output

This bulb easily replaces your 60 watt inacedescents, giving you over 800 lumens for a 50 watt electricity saving. Fittings for B22 (bayonet) and E27 (screw) available.
Fact Sheet



LED floodlights for cost effective security.

We supply a wide range of different power ranges.

We stock a wide range of led floodlightsLED replacement for 250W halogen floodlight

Total power consumption of 20W.Can be supplied with 100 degree to 150 degree angle. Fact Sheet


Powerful LED floodlight for use outdoors as security or display lightingLED replacement for 300W halogen floodlight

Total power consumption 30W. Can be supplied with 100 degree to 130 degree angle. Fact Sheet


Decrease costs of factory or warehouse lighting

Our LED lighting replacements will decrease your industrial warehouse or factory lighting costs

ED high bay lights are very economical in factory and warehousing situations100 Watt LED High Bay - 7000 lumen output

This bulb easily replaces small high bay lights and offers over 7000 lumens. Ideal replacement in workshops and lower industrial ceiling spaces. Fact Sheet


Very high lumen output lighting provided by this 200W LED highbay light200 Watt LED High Bay - 14000 lumen output

Perfect for high industrial ceilings, this 200W LED puts out over 14000 lumens and easily replaces any existing high bay lights - at 10% of the cost!. Fact Sheet