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Who would have thought that we’d be holding a 20W LED replacement bulb in our hands in 2012? Well we are, and thanks to LED light manufacturer TESS, we have the first 2000 lumen output bulb that easily matches a 125 watt incandescent bulb. Similar in size to a normal incandescent bulb, the secret of this bulb is a 100 lumen per watt LED luminous output system and an advanced thermal dissipation technology that includes vents and a small internal fan that shunts hot air out of the casing. Pretty neat!

Longevity? Well lumen decay is good, and 70% of the original lumen output is maintained at 40000 hours. Our only concern here is the longevity of the electronics in a bulb putting out serious light. That said, the colour rendering index is as expected – around 70, and with CE, UL and FCC certifications, you are fairly certain of a well designed product.

No one is talking about cost and while that may be the least pretty part of the equation, the product is likely to gain ground quickly. Everite are expecting a 60W replacement to dip below US$10 in latter 2012, so who knows what this bulb will cost. Our guess, US$19-24.

All in, impressive and the sign of things to come in 2012

TESS 20W led light wil change lighting

TESS 20W LED Light




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By 2020, 8 out of 10 lights you see will be LED lights. The lighting revolution is no different to the communication and information technology revolutions that have driven our development.

So what are the 10 great reasons to make the change?

1. Low efficiency

Do you really switch on your lights to heat up the room? No! But 85% of the electricity going into your incandescent lightbulb is emitted as… heat! 60 Watts of energy ends up heating up your room… not great!

2. Longer life

Incandescent lights last for 1000 hours… LED lights last for 30000-50000 hours. A big difference…

3. No UV radiation

Yes, UV radiation is emitted by our current lighting. You are not about to get a beach tan from your lighting, but UV light is an issue, and it will impact fabrics and paintings. LED lights have no UV emissions.

4. Mercury..

Fluorescent lights contain mercury! LED lights contain none. Your choice!

5. No glass

LED lights are made of plastic and aluminum…no glass. So there is no safety issue and no glass that can shatter and cut.

6. Color rendering index

How “real” are the colors under different light sources? Is pink really pink? Under fluorescent light, you may see about 65% of the “real” color. Incandescent lights are better at around 90%, but LEDs come in across the board at around 80-90%. So similar for LED replacements of incandescent lights but if you replace fluorescent lights, you’ll have a great reason to change your lights.

7. Power efficiency

We’ve talked about lumen efficiency per watt of electricity. But what about power efficiency. LED lights use from 2-10 times less power for the same light output. Incandescents  put out less than 15 lumens per watt (consider lumens as a measure of light output). Enter the LED light – 7 Watts at 100 lumens per watt. 7 Watts of electricity will cost you a lot less than 60 Watts! That’s a great reason to replace your lights with LED lights!

8. Directional light

LED lights emit light where you point them…not behind them like an incandescent light. Direct the light where you need it…who needs the ceiling lit when you are more interested in the light on your dining table?

9. Color

You can literally make your LED lights in any color – some even change color with a remote control. So mood lighting is possible and not only can you dim them, but change color as you need to.

10. Finally, safety.

LED lights run on 12 to 24 volts. So a broken bulb will not kill you! A pretty good reason to change your lights to LED lights!

So there are 10 reasons… why not contact LED Lighting Solutions to advise on your LED light replacements.


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Saving money by doing nothing? What kinda scam is this! No scam actually. It’s easy and you can read about it here in this published article.


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LEDs are clearly versatile if this video has anything to say! Who would have thought you could use them like this? It’s got me thing about the other 1000 ways to use these lights… that is, 1000 “interesting” ways to use them.

Check out http://youtu.be/Zd27KKZKby4 

If you have a novel application for LED lights, why not comment here? Let us know about your LED lighting applications that are… a little off the beaten path!

By Steve Giddings

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