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LED tube lights use approximately half the electricity used by a fluorescent tube – and that should be very appealing to anyone paying the bills! BUT… the problem is that until recently, the cost of the tube has been so high that the savings do not cover the purchase price within the life of the tube.

All that has changed as the cost of the tubes has halved in less than six months due to increased volumes and new technology that sees more than 100 lumens per watt being emitted.

These supplier price decreases mean that our tubes are now well priced and can fully return their purchase price within three years of purchase and this leaves a full additional three years of savings.

It is time now for office managers to start thinking about the change to LED tube lights. Not only will you save money, but you will reduce maintenance costs because unlike fluorescent lights that last 4000 hours, LED tubes go for 30-50000 hours. Oh, let’s not forget you’ll be halving your lighting carbon footprint! Take a look at our LED tube light offering here.



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The good news for consumers is that the price of LED lights is headed in the right direction – downwards. The one type of LED lighting that we have been waiting to see come down in price is the LED tube. These fluorescent tube replacements are only 50% as energy efficient as the fluorescent tubes they replace so the cost dynamics are really less in their favour than downlights where a 3W LED can replace a 35W halogen light.

So, to see prices on an 18W tube fall from US$27 down to US$18 is gratifying. It means that breakeven timing will fall into a more reasonable time period and make these lights an option. At the same time, the latest ESKOM electricity price hike is also helping to make even a 50% energy saving more attractive to the relatively high cost of the LED tube light.

To make matters even better, consider the newer high power LEDs which are putting out more lumens and that means we can go down to 16W and still get the same light output as a 36W fluorescent tube.

It’s time to think about LED tube lights for home and office applications. Remember also that you’ll be doing your bit for carbon saving as you’ll reduce CO2 emissions by half while we drop our prices to help you do this.



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