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Great article from CNN on energy saving lights. Unbelievable how much energy can actually be saved by moving away from incandescent light bulbs! Welcome to the LED! Check out:


By Steve Giddings

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I took a walk through Builders Warehouse today and was very surprised to see the large number of CFL lighting products on the shelves. Then to my utter amazement…some LED bulbs! Not a great range, but some replacements for 35W incandescents and some GU and MR16 bulbs. The cost? A cool R126 for the 5W LED and R99 for the MR16 bulb…ouch! Compare that to R10 for a 60W incandescent and much the same for the little 3W MR16.

Rushed home to try them out. The family couldn’t see any difference with the MR16 in the ceiling but the 5W LED fell short of the 60W bulb it replaced. To be fair, it was stated as a replacement for a 35W bulb but then there wasn’t a 9W LED on the shelf.

Well we are definitely getting closer to “green” with at least some LED bulbs on the shelves. A bit too pricey and not great quality…yet. But prices internationally are coming down as volume picks up and we may yet see the early adopters giving way to the mainstream in the next few years. Companies like Led Lighting Solutions will be poised to assist this transition. Watch this space

By Steve Giddings

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LED lights… energy saving, carbon saving and…cost saving!

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By Steve Giddings

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